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Reflexology Work Des Moines Iowa     Reflexology Work Des Moines Iowa     Reflexology Work Des Moines Iowa

Reflexology Work Des Moines Iowa


"For the last 30 plus years I have worked to maintain a healthy life style that includes regular exercise, proper diet (most of the time) and regular massages. Connections offers many helpful approaches and develops individualized treatments with your help that not only focus on trouble spots but help move you to preventative methods of improving your general well being. It has been a very helpful addition to my efforts to achieve and maintain good health. I urge you to give Connections Massage Therapy a try."

— Inez Dawes
Des Moines, Iowa


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Reflexology is the study, science and art of using various touch techniques on specific points of the feet, hands, or ears to normalize body function and restore energythroughout the body.  It releases restricted energy flow, improves blood supply and promotes neurological stimulation of the affected area.  The goal of the work is to break down crystal deposits in the body or electrical part of the nervous system to help restore internal balance. Our office in Newton, Iowa will give you this expert care.

Reflexology is as old as acupuncture and ancient texts indicate that different cultures had their own variations of this art. Doctor William Fitzgerald developed reflexology as we know it today in 1913 and further research was done by Eunice Ingham. She developed the "map" of the body pertaining to reflexology.

Sessions generally last 30 to 60 minutes. Enjoy a session today and find out why you won't find a better source for reflexology in Newton, Iowa. If you are new to massage and reflexology, learn more about how it can help you today.

"After more than ten years of sudden, painful lower back spasms, I was doing daily exercises and using prescription medications, and still couldn't bend over to put on my socks in the morning. Long distance car travel had recently become a nightmare, and I was afraid to pick up even my tiniest grandchildren. I found Connections Massage Therapy in the phonebook. I saw Gordon that very afternoon and had immediate relief from pain after one or two sessions of "trigger point" therapy. The man has a gift, and I am so grateful that I don't have to go through the rest of my life with constant back pain. If I do something stupid and hurt my back again, he'll fix it. It's as simple as that. I'm sleeping better, feeling great, and I'm down to one prescription (for osteoporosis) instead of four. I can't recommend Connections highly enough to anyone in pain."

—Phyllis Cadwallader
Retired Teacher

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