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Resistive Stretching, Stretch Therapy Des Moines, Stretch Therapy Iowa     Resistive Stretching, Stretch Therapy Des Moines, Stretch Therapy Iowa     Resistive Stretching, Stretch Therapy Des Moines, Stretch Therapy Iowa


"Everyone in our office has been to Connections.  Some have gone just for relaxation, and some have gone for pain relief ... If you want pain relief or to just work out the everyday kinks that we all get, this is the place!"

— The Doctors and Staff at
Methodist Plaza Dental Group

Gordon Gymer has been a part of my health care team for over 20 years. I see him on an, as needed, bases and I know that whatever is sore, hurting or stressed in my body will be alleviated by his therapy. His clients get a massage, not a rubdown. I recommend Gordon often because of his skill and understanding of the human body. This is why he is part of my health team.

— Bob Barnes

Hello, I'm 65 years, a carpenter from birth, seems like. I have been going to chiropractors since I was 13. I have tried acupuncture, ice packs, heat packs, pain pills, shots in my spine, and Tequila. I found Gordon about three years ago. I walked into his office stooped over from low back pain that went all through my body. I had tears flowing down my face from the pain. Gordon worked his magic on me for one and a half hours. I walked out of his office standing straight and tall, no pain, I went home and went to sleep pain free for the first time in years.

You will feel so much better after seeing Gordon that you will think that your cured for life. You are if you stay on a regular visit to him.

Try Gordon just once and you will be a believer. Gordon can't fix everything, I still use Tequila a little bit, but not for pain.

— Burt R. Dobbins


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resistive stretching iowa, resistive stretching des moinesResistive stretching is the application of a hold-relaxed stretching technique. It is a method of taking the muscle to a point of gentle resistance and then activating the muscle.  After relaxing the muscle, the muscle is taken to a new point of resistance.  In order to gain the most from this method, it is important to have worked on the soft tissues that are too short.  The muscle and/or muscle group needs to be lengthened or relaxed to attain the maximum benefit from these stretches.

This work facilitates the range of motion of joints or joint mobilization, which can include stretching, pushing, or pulling.  In other words, the muscles surrounding the joints need to be balanced in order for the joints to maintain balance

Muscles are made of bundles of muscle fibers. Several things can cause tight muscles; prolonged inactivity, tightness during exercise, tightness after exercise. Tight muscles are basically the shortening of a muscle either by adaptive shortening which is usually by scar tissue or injury, or tonic shortening that happens after exercise. These tight muscles become painful. This prevents you from normal daily activity or the exercise plan that you have. If you find that your muscles become very tight and painful either after exercise or simply throughout a dayÕs walking or work, resistive stretching will ease those tight, painful muscles.

Resistive stretching is different from regular stretching in that regular stretching simply lengthens strands of muscle fiber, expanding range of motion. In resistive stretching, it contracts the muscle as it is being stretched which builds strength in the muscle. By building strength in the muscle, it reduces strains and tears. The effects of resistance stretching not only reduces tight muscles, it strengthens them and gives you more flexibility, reducing the chances of further injuring the muscles. Finding a resistive stretching expert, contact Connections Massage Therapy for an appointment. If you have any questions regarding resistive stretching, we will be happy to answer them. Call today!

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