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Trigger Point Therapy Des Moines Iowa     Trigger Point Therapy Des Moines Iowa     Trigger Point Therapy Des Moines Iowa

Trigger Point Therapy Des Moines Iowa


"Connections is a full service alternative medicine provider.  Lois and Gordon mean it when they say their massages can relieve your pain from fibromyalgia, auto accident injuries, or just plain getting older. They also offer interventions like energy work and aromatherapy. Natural nutritional supplements, essential oils, air purifiers, and abundant literature about health and healing are conveniently available in the office. Connections is designed to help you survive, and better yet, thrive in today’s challenging world."

— Margaret Zacharias


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Trigger Point Therapy Des Moines IowaTrigger point pressure is fingertip or thumb pressure directly into a tight or sensitive area. The trigger point is a hypersensitive area in the muscle and connective tissue and often causes radiating pain. Releasing the trigger point encourages increased circulation to the area allowing the underlying tissue to soften. The common cause of trigger points is trauma whether it is a direct injury, excessive stretching, or emotional stress. These sensitive regions will often activate pain in referring areas. Once the trigger point is eliminated, massage can be used to aid in removing the waste products and to restore circulation to the area. Visit or call our office in Newton Iowa to learn more about our great technique.

Dr. Janet Travell is the person most often associated with trigger point therapy. She describes trigger points as “a small, hypersensitive region from which impulses bombard the central nervous system and give rise to referred pain.”Dr. Travell is known for being John F. Kennedy’s physician when he was a senator and president.

Learn more about trigger point therapy and our services in Des Moines Iowa, such as medical massage, Bowens Therapy, reflexology, and more. Then call to make an appointment today, and see how our services and experience can benefit your mind, body, and soul.

"I received a gift certificate from my coworkers from Connections. I thought it would just be your average massage, boy was I wrong. I walked in with severe muscle pain almost everywhere on my body. Gordon worked on me for only 1 hour and I thought, wow, that was a different kind of massage.? I felt better, but not as well as I thought I would feel. The next morning when I woke up I thought a miracle had happened. I was pain free for the first time in years! My back did not hurt from my mattress, my neck did not hurt from my pillow, and I was able to jump out of bed. I highly recommend going to Connections if you are having any kind of pain. There is no pressure to return repeatedly. In one visit to Connections, they accomplished what physical therapy, massages, and chiropractor visits could not. Thank you Gordon and Lois for doing what you do!"

—Bana Wiegert
Prole, Iowa

I had back/sciatica pain 24/7 for years. I could hardly walk, just schuffled along. A relative recommended Gordon. After some non-invasive treatments, the pain subsided. I can now walk without discomfort. I refer people to Connections Massage all the time.

—Earl K.

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